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Join our 2nd annual elevator pitch contest for a chance to win $50,000 for your business idea!

WashU Olin’s 2nd annual BIG IdeaBounce® powered by Poets&Quants is a pitch contest open to all current undergraduate and graduate school students OR any prospect interested in pursuing a graduate business school degree. 

The contest is set up in three rounds:

  • - Submit your idea in the fields below to be entered (open through January 15th, 2023)
  • - Top twenty teams will be asked to submit a 2-minute pitch video
  • - Top three teams will present in front of judges on WashU Olin’s campus* (March 2023)

Take a peek at last year's IdeaBounce to learn more about the competition:

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*Open to all current undergraduate and graduate school students OR any prospect interested in a graduate business school degree.

* Come up with an original business idea (either “for profit”, “nonprofit”, and/or with “social/environmental/sustainable impact).

* Follow the judging methodology (below) when organizing your pitch.

* Entries will be screened by a panel of initial judges. Entries selected to continue will go before a panel of final judges.

* All ideas that advance to the final presentation will receive personalized feedback from a panel of experienced judges and mentors.

* The final three teams will present to judges in-person on WashU Olin’s campus. A team stipend will be provided for travel. WashU Olin and P&Q will monitor the CDC and St. Louis COVID-19 guidelines. If needed, the final round will be virtual. 


1. Problem: the significance of the problem/issue being addressed? 0-10
2. Solution: How adequately does the product/solution address the problem? 0-10
3. Market: the target customer market is significant, well-defined, and growing? 0-10
4. Competition: the solution is clearly differentiated from its competitors? 0-10
5. Value Creation: clearly articulated potential for sustainability — revenue, profits, and/or measurable social/environmental impact? 0-10
6. Investment Needed: how the prize money will be used to further develop the next steps of the concept? 0-10
7. Team: the team has the skills, experience, and credentials to actually execute the concept? 0-10
8. Presentation: (only for Round 2/video submission) overall pitch presentation, organization and passion? 0-10


There are no confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements as part of this competition. Submitting to the contest has the potential of releasing your idea to the world. However, given this does not reveal a fully detailed business plan, your risks are minimal. But if you have a “trade secret” or patentable idea, you might simply allude to that in your pitch without actually revealing the details. It is up to you how much to reveal.


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IdeaBounce® is a registered trademark of Washington University’s Skandalaris Center and has been made available to university and community partners that are working to expand entrepreneurship and inclusivity in innovation for everyone. IdeaBounce® is a platform for sharing ideas at all stages and a network of users that want to support each other and the entrepreneurial ambitions of our community members.


Olin offers up to five MBA entrepreneurship fellowships per year. Fellows receive full tuition remission, housing accommodations and other benefits. For more information about the fellowship and upcoming application deadlines click here.