The Intelligent Future Of Business: Free Special Report

Tepper AI Cover May 2024
As we delve into the transformative era of artificial intelligence (AI), it becomes increasingly clear that the future of business is shaped not just by the technologies we develop, but by the leaders who wield them. In this pivotal moment, it is imperative that prospective students carefully consider how their chosen business school equips them for a future dominated by AI and digital transformation.
Among the institutions answering this call, the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University stands out — not merely as an advocate for integrating management science and business education but as a pioneer in doing so with a human-centered approach that bridges business, analytics, and technology. Founded on a legacy of innovation and positioned at the heart of one of the world's premier technology-focused universities, the Tepper School exemplifies the qualities that future business leaders will require.
As we navigate this changing world, the choice of where to study becomes not just a question of education but of preparation for the unforeseen challenges and opportunities ahead. The rapid development of AI and Large Language Model technologies marks a period of disruption and opportunity. It is essential that business schools are technologically sophisticated and train future leaders who are multifaceted and can engage in collaborative knowledge discovery to solve complex problems. This special issue invites you to explore these considerations deeply, offering insights into how best to position yourself for leadership in a future where artificial intelligence shapes every facet of business. 
Welcome to a journey through the Intelligent Future of Business, where the challenges are vast, but the opportunities for those prepared are even greater.


Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou
Richard P. Simmons Professor of Finance
Tepper School of Business
Carnegie Mellon University
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