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MBAmo helps you calculate your odds at various schools so you can pick the right portfolio of MBA programs for your MBA applications!


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MBAmo gives you in-depth, personalized guidance to help you showcase your best self in MBA applications and make school decision makers fall in love with you.


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MBAmo will help you determine whether a school should be considered a reach, a match, or a safety.

Angela Guido is one of the most highly reviewed MBA admissions consultants in the industry. She is Poets&Quants' resident MBA careers expert and founder of Career Protocol where she offers no-nonsense career advice to emergent leaders and MBAs. In her countless hours as a coach and advisor, Angela has created and taught programs to over 10,000 MBAs worldwide. Angela is a tremendous resource to us and anyone she encounters. Now, go take MBAmo on a test drive and let her years of experience help guide you to the life-changing MBA experience you’re after.

Angela Guido

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MBAmo is here to help you calculate your odds

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