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Business School Showcase

10–13 June 2024, Bangkok, Thailand

Business School Showcase

Don't miss the groundbreaking Business School Showcase at the Global Sustainable Development Congress (GSDC), a pioneering collaboration between Times Higher Education and Poets&Quants, where changemakers and thought leaders converge to explore the nexus of business education and a more sustainable, socially responsible future. We invite you to join us at this year’s summit in Bangkok and take part in shaping the next generation of global leaders committed to making a meaningful impact on the world.


Ignite & Inspire Thought Leadership

Take the stage! Present your actions and impact on SDGs during the main congress plenary, the International Green Skills Summit, Global Sustainability Leaders' Summit, and the Business School Showcase.


Showcase Your Partnerships

Let attendees, including industry, government, prospective students, and schools around the world see the breadth and strength of your current government and career partnerships on the main show floor.


Supercharge Existing Sustainability Programs

Align your Business School with a specific Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and become part of the wider sustainability community. New to the GSDC? Learn how and why to meet an SGD that resonates with your school.


Expand Your Network

At the GSDC Summit, Business Schools will be immersed with the broader sustainability universe including leads across businesses, industries, and governments, bridging partnerships and programs.

GSDC | June 10th - 13th, 2024

The Global Sustainable Development Congress hosted by Times Higher Education brings together thought leaders and innovators from universities, business, and governments from around the world. It is a call to action to discuss, evaluate, and pivot their educational, research, innovation, and outreach programs towards tangible outcomes. The afull genda addresses the transformations critical to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

GSDC Business School Showcase | June 12th, 2024

Through panels, interviews, and interactive workshops, we will explore the role of business education in creating environmental and social sustainability within the framework of specific Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, we will explore how cutting-edge, immersive learning technologies are revolutionising business education and training, making it more accessible than ever before. Plus, together with PRME, we’ll show you who is using LEGO to help create better, happier, more effective learners and leaders!

Join us in an interactive, collaborative exploration of how & why Business Schools can be catalysts for change, shaping a responsible, sustainable, and inclusive future for businesses, individuals, and the world at large.


Sponsor, Speak, Or Attend 

Find out how you, your school, business, or student group can get involved. 


  • Trends In Business & Society In 2024 
  • The Role Of Business Schools In Creating A Sustainable Future
  • Business Schools As Incubators For Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • Why & How Business Schools Are Preparing Students For A Changing Workforce 
  • Developing Impactful Leaders
  • Business Schools As A Catalyst For Social Mobility
Get Involved

Business Schools Deliver Impactful Sustainable Solutions

Companies and business leaders find themselves in a dynamic, ever-changing world where the imperative to innovate and adapt is paramount. Simultaneously, the global community has recognized the need for – and has committed to – creating a positive and sustainable impact on our environment & within our societies. Business Schools are emerging as pivotal players by shaping future leaders and intentional entrepreneurs. They are helping to close the green skills gap and informing the way business can measure progress and accountability.



This year, at the Global Sustainable Development Congress, participants we’ll dive into the role of business education in creating environmental and social sustainability within the framework of specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Moreover, we will explore how cutting-edge immersive learning technologies are revolutionizing business education and training, making it more accessible than ever before. 




Tickets for university, association, public sector and NGO delegates