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This MBA admissions event is designed to help entrepreneurial-minded MBA prospects learn about the best programs for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our unique content-based format gives real insight into the value and experience of an MBA program on the road to entrepreneurship. You'll see what differentiates these schools, explore or narrow your target school list, and discover ways you can use your MBA program as an incubator for a startup.

Attendees will hear from business school Dean's, recent alumni, and current MBA students who have used their MBA to start or scale a start-up. 

Entrepreneurship Ranking


With many of the world’s most game-changing ventures coming out of business schools, this event will help you explore how an MBA can help you launch a startup and change the game in any category.

An MBA can set you up for success whether you’re looking to create a new market, disrupt an incumbent, or fulfill a consumer need in a new way.

This event will help kick-start the process and set you on the path to your future.  Don't miss this exclusive opportunity!