Specialized Masters Oct 2024

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Explore Your Graduate Business Degree Options

This insightful and informative event series delves into graduate business degree options, including Masters in Management, Finance, Business Analytics, Accounting, Information Systems, Supply Chain, and more.

Perhaps you've already determined which specialization is right for you, are exploring school selection and need advice on the application process, or you're still exploring which type of degree best suits your needs. Either way, CentreCourt can help you identify the degree that aligns with your skillset and career aspirations to get into your target school.

Our event provides interviews with admissions professionals, career advisors, program directors, alumni, and students. Gain valuable insights and expert advice on how a Specialized Masters Degree can enhance your future career prospects.

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Discussion topics to include:

  • How To Choose The Right Degree: Understand distinctions between Specialized Masters Programs

  • Application Process: Navigate the ins and outs of applying to graduate business programs.

  • Outside the Classroom: Uncover the holistic learning experience through aspects like organization, clubs, culture, and location.

  • MBA & Personal Development: Understand the role of an MBA in personal growth and development.

  • Finding the Right Fit: Align your aspirations with the ideal graduate business opportunity.

  • Program Specifics: Dive into the details of specialized business programs, including curriculum and learning outcomes.

  • ROI (Return on Investment): Explore potential returns on your investment in a graduate business degree.

  • Employment Outlook: Gain insights into career outcomes and the current job market.

  • Career Paths: Explore various opportunities and discover where a specialized business degree can take your career.

  • Transform Your Degree into Your Dream Job: Learn how your graduate business degree can pave the way to your ideal career.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with top graduate business programs and gain valuable insights to shape your academic and professional journey. Explore how a specialized master's degree can advance your career and contribute to your personal development. Join us in charting your course to success!


If you are a school representative and are interested in participating in this event, please contact Sat Sharma or Matt Symonds to inquire about details.